What is body image?

So when we hear about the word body image what comes to our mind?

Basically, it is what we think by looking ourselves in the mirror or how does our body make us feel right? But the word body image is much more to that!

Body image is a person’s perception of the aesthetics or sexual attractiveness of their own body. It involves how a person sees themself, compared to the standards that have been set by society.

This is a definition that I got in Google, yeah it’s copied, I know what you all will think about me but do you want to know what I think about body image? First let me tell you the above sentence in simple – it means that what kind of thoughts and feelings we have when we see or feel our body, it maybe positive as well as negative, what kind of perception do we have of how a body should be and how does it affect our mental or physical health when we see our body or compare it to the body image standard set by the society.

So being told the meaning, now I come to my definition of body image – it is simply how much happy we can be with our body, by looking at it or by feeling ourselves! How much confident we can feel being inside our own body and not comparing it to any standards or with other people, or how much comfortable we can be in our own skin with all the insecurities we have!

Yes! So when it comes to body image everything of our body matters – our skin, our looks, our body fat, our size,our sexiness, etc. But it is just the external appearance, isn’t our personality also a part of us, so indirectly it is also a part of our body. Right? Why don’t we consider our mental state also a part of our body? Why we only feel that the outer appearance is more important and forget to focus on our insides, I mean our potentials and who we are to attain the happiness with our body image?

Everyone in this world has some insecurities related to their body! The stretch marks, the loose skin, maybe the freckles, a humped nose or maybe the pigmentation in private areas right? Most of us have these insecurities ( men and women) because we are never open about these things, no one is ! We live in a society where the beauty standards are so high that we forget about being normal or looking abit like any other people. Today’s youth basically the youngsters are so much influenced by social media, the models in social media, who maybe are skinny or have a perfect skin or have a perfect body etc. So they forget about who they are, what truely gives them happiness and just focus on being the one they see to attain the fake happiness which we eventually realise over time, all of us!

The standards of body image have so many negative impacts on the mental health of a person. We don’t love our bodies, we don’t feel confident enough to wear anything we like, we suffer from depression, why? Because we are bound to something that restricts us from loving who we truely are. We should understand that our outer appearance alone doesn’t make us happy, we should be happy from inside too.

So here let me tell a little bit about myself. I was always a chubby kid and when I was in 6th standard (hit puberty), I started to eat alot and I became fat. I was advised by many people that I should lose weight and all. I didn’t give them much importance unless one day I was called a pig on the road by a biker guy while I was returning from school with my sister! I was so sad and I felt like I need to change myself so that people around me would be attracted towards me! And yes I lost weight from 74 kg to 62 kg( I’ve alot of bone weight so I looked really skinny in 62 kg). But after slimming down also sometimes I would be sad or gloomy, or just not enough happy, so I realised the fact that we are skinny or fat doesn’t even matter when it comes to happiness (to an extent it gives when we do it for ourselves, or to live a healthy life). And bdw atlast after many years I knew that guy was looking at a nearby shop where pork was available and was telling his friend ( I ran the scenario alot of times in my head. Hahaha..so I gotta know). Never mind but I realised what I had to. So what I’ve learned over the past few years is that first comes loving our body, our own skin no matter what colour it is, then comes being comfortable and confident in it and then finally improving ourself to attain certain body goals for a healthy living! (If we are willing to).

So you see it’s all in our head, it is us who’s the one to decide to be happy with our body, it’s us who’s responsible for thinking positive or negative about our body, it is us who decides to change the way we look! The power is always in our hands but maybe we realise later!

We must try to love all our stretch marks, loose skin, tummy fat, thigh fat etc so that we attain the internal happiness first and then come to the external appearance. We are the one to change the perception of one’s own body image.

Start loving your body ! Atleast try to because what’s so hard in trying, right?

Take care loves! Drop a comment and any suggestions you have!